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The Energy Industry is Changing
Compilation of case studies tackling new challenges in the energy sector.
Drivers of customer satisfaction
Finding the drivers of customer satisfaction
What will customers think?
Testing technical and contract innovations at a DNO
Did they spot the difference?
Measuring the impact of technical changes on perceptions of power quality
Optimising customer communications for a complex technical trial
You can't plug that car in now!
Understanding customer perceptions of electric car charging options
How to put a price on power cuts
Measuring variation in social and financial impacts by customer segment to calculate VoLL for a DNO
Can we turn off your machinery?
Assessing industrial and commercial customers' appetite for an innovative service
Would they change their behaviour?
Engaging with customer to change their peak power usage profile
The future of customer service
Understanding technical options requirements for meeting customer needs
How do people like to travel?
Understanding the current and futue needs of the travelling public
Why did they leave?
Understanding customer switching in the energy industry
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