Engaging customers to improve satisfaction scores

The problem

An electricity distribution operator (DNO) was underperforming in the Ofgem league tables and needed to understand which areas of improvement would provide the biggest up-lift in satisfaction.


Our approach

We worked with the client to understand the people behind the numbers in a three-step approach:

  1. Identifying the drivers of customer satisfaction and the relative influence of each one by using CHAID analysis.

  2. Understanding what was influencing the primary driver of customer satisfaction through a customer survey.

  3. Engaging with customers in an engaged customer panel (ECP) to understand their requirements and what changes would meet their needs.


The outcome

The primary driver of customer dissatisfaction was identified as being inadequate advance notice about supply interruptions. As a result, the DNO increased the minimum warning times so that customers were notified earlier.


Before the change, overall customer satisfaction was 7.8, with only 23% of customers very satisfied with information given about supply interruptions. After the intervention, a year later, the overall score had gone up to 8.9, with 54% of customers very satisfied with the information provided.


When the three-step process was then re-run, the CHAID analysis showed that the primary driver of customer dissatisfaction had changed to being the poor quality of information provided. We then worked with an ECP to refine the notification cards, which led to the reason for the interruption being included on the front of the card (for example “to undertake maintenance work”, along with detailed information on the back of the card. The DNO rose from 13th to 4th in Ofgem’s league table for planned interruptions.