Senior Research Executive

Evelin graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in Sociology and Social Policy and also won the Rudolf Klein Prize for Social Policy. After joining Impact as a Graduate Research Executive, she has since been promoted and is now responsible for conducting and assisting with market research projects, from fieldwork management to reporting. Evelin feels research is interesting because there are infinite possibilities in terms of scope and results, so you will always learn something new by taking a different approach.  With experience both academically and in industry, Evelin sees advantages in various research methods.

If Evelin wasn’t working in market research, she would love to work for a record label company, scouting out new talented artists and getting paid to go to concerts! As a big music fan, Evelin enjoys going to festivals, to the extent she often tries to combine her passion for travelling with music events. She was even part of a steel pan band in primary school! Also a fitness fanatic, Evelin has a keen interest in nutritional wellbeing and enjoys partaking in physical activities, such as going to the gym and maintaining a healthy, nutritional lifestyle.