Associate Director of Advanced Methods

With Diplomas in Market Modelling, Social Statistics and a degree in Maths, Kayte joins Impact as Associate Director of Advanced Methods. As an IBM/SPSS accredited trainer, Kayte’s passion is market research as the left side of the brain (logical), and the right side (creative/intuitive), meet in the middle to find solutions.  Kayte uses best practice approaches based on both statistical theory and practicality, as well as open discussion, for interpretation and application of the science.

Aside from market research, Kayte has a real love for rescue dogs, which establishes why she would open a dog rescue and rehabilitation centre if she wasn’t working in this sector.  With a dream of going to pony club as a child, at the age of 20, Kayte also bought her first horse and went to Pony Club, only to be told to leave 4 months later for being too old!  An interesting fact about Kayte is that she has hiked the equivalent of Mount Everest 13 times in 12 countries over the past 20 years!  It is undoubtedly very motivating to have someone so driven and healthy in the office, this might help us reduce our caffeine intake!



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