Climate Change Experts Are To Advise On Achieving Zero Emissions Target

October 17, 2018


As climate temperature continues to rise, the Committee on Climate Change have been advised to set a date for achieving net zero greenhouse emissions. The 2050 target of cutting emissions by a minimum on 80% is also being reviewed, in order to take extraordinary action to cut carbon emissions and limit global warming to ‘1.5 above pre-industrial levels.*’ Changes to power generation, transport and shifts in lifestyle - such as eating less meat - will lead to a greener economy.


According to the most recent findings in our electric vehicle tracker series, which takes an in-depth look at consumer attitudes and how they have evolved over time, 34% would be willing to spend more for an electrical vehicle if it was proven to be more environmentally friendly than a petrol or diesel car. In the UK we are witnessing a whirlwind of world-leading advancements; automotive manufacturers investing in, designing and releasing connected and autonomous low emission vehicles at a rapid pace. As we focus towards reaching a zero-emission future, our research highlights that there is still room for consumer engagement with electric vehicles. Without meaningful engagement, such innovation faces being under-utilised and the UK could remain stuck in the slow lane when it comes to reaching the zero-emission target.


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* Sky News, 2018. Climate change experts to advise on net zero emissions target. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 17th October 2018].


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