Senior Research Executive

Steve has joined Impact as a Senior Research Executive.  Having earned a degree in Economics, Steve’s responsibilities include running and reporting client projects, to maintaining positive client relationships.  Steve believes the consumer should always be at the front of all companies’ minds, whatever they are selling.  He is passionate about market research as it allows you to speak to the consumer directly, in order to understand their needs.


If Steve wasn’t working in market research, he would love to be a sportsman, but realistically in a job using economics or statistics.  Aside from work, Steve enjoys playing football and cricket, yet also going to watch them, including horse racing.  He also enjoys a good film, especially the Marvel movies!  A fact that not many people know about Steve was his fear of dogs as a child.  Luckily this is no longer, although he is still not a fan of jumpy ones!  In fact, Steve was never an animal person until recently, when he got two cats named Arya and Sansa, after the Game of Thrones characters!



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